In 2001, The Education Foundation of Osceola County availed itself of the opportunity to be the conduit for the flow of state charter school capital funding in our county. This action is consistent with the Foundation’s mission statement:   To bring resources and people together to support and enhance public education in Osceola County.

The purpose of the Foundation's involvement in charter schools was to provide more classrooms for Osceola County, and to promote a high standard of education.

Charter program logo

The Education Foundation’s Family of Charter Academies consists of two schools. Our academies, in alphabetical order are:

Photo of Bellalago Charter school front

Bellalago Academy (grades PreK – 8)

Melanie Cleveland, Principal
3651 Pleasant Hill Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Picture of PM Wells charter school front.

P.M. Wells Charter Academy (grades K – 8)

Ivonne Sardinas, Principal
2426 Remington Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Background on Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools of choice. They are very popular—and among the fastest growing school choice option in Florida. Florida has the third highest number of charter schools in the nation.

Charter schools are, by definition, flexible and have the freedom to set their own rules on issues such as curriculum, teaching style, personnel, and discipline. Operated by parents, teachers, administrators, or concerned citizens, a charter school can offer a student-directed learning environment or alternative programs that meet the needs of students. Parents have more input and often share in the decision-making.

For parents and students, charter schools are selected primarily for educational reasons – high academic standards, limited class size, and a different approach to quality education. Charter schools receive funding from the state, just like other public schools, based upon the student attendance. Charter schools are tuition free and non-sectarian.