We are still in the planning process for the 20-21 school year so we can make sure shopping is safe for teachers and our staff. Teachers can expect an email by August 24th with details about the new process for the new school year. 

A Gift for Teaching is a FREE store for eligible K-12 teachers to shop for supplies to be given to children in need in their classrooms.  Our mission is to ensure that children and classrooms in our community have the basic tools for learning that students need to succeed.  We do this by transferring, at no cost, the community’s surplus supplies and merchandise into the hands of teachers and school children in need.

The Osceola County AGFT store is a program offered through The Education Foundation of Osceola County, Inc. in partnership with A Gift For Teaching in Orlando. Together we are able to pool resources, share product, and reach more students in need as a result of this unique partnership.

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Meet The Team

Christopher Santiago

A Gift For Teaching Manager


Javier Beltran

A Gift For Teaching Key Holder


Jackson Fish

Warehouse/store Assistant

Who is Eligible to Shop?

Full-time, certified K-12 instructional personnel with their own classrooms from eligible schools in Osceola County may shop at A Gift For Teaching, including classroom/general education teachers, media specialists, guidance counselors, nurses, principals, assistant principals, and deans. At this time, custodians and administrative support staff such as administrative assistants, resource teachers, and paraprofessionals are not eligible to shop.

A Gift For Teaching has a strict NO GUEST policy.  Please plan accordingly as any guests will be required to wait outside of the store.  If you should require assistance to shop, please speak with the staff at the check-in desk.


Wouldn’t it be nice if everything were free?  A Gift For Teaching is just that – free!

Osceola County Teachers from eligible high-need schools can shop once a month at our free store.  We know buying school supplies can be a burden on teachers, and we aim to alleviate that.

Read our Shopping Guidelines prior to shopping, make sure you bring your school ID badge and reusable shopping bags.

For our holiday schedule, click here.

Our Hours

The store is currently closed to the public.  Check back for information on how product will be distributed during the rest of the 2020 year.

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Check in closed promptly at 5:30 PM

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