Casmore Shaw
Polk State College

Dr. Casmore Shaw's storied career proves his passion for and commitment to leveraging the power of education for all as the primary means of securing our individual and collective freedoms and opportunity for advancement in every sphere of life.

Dr. Shaw currently serves as founder and President of Mitchell Shaw & Associates. This Osceola-based consulting firm provides hands-on guidance on education strategies and technologies to private institutions, non-profits, government agencies, and community organizations.

A highly regarded and influential member of the Osceola community, Dr. Shaw's decades-long record of civic leadership is rooted in numerous contributions, including as a founding member of the Kissimmee Bay and Kissimmee South Poinciana Rotary clubs; past chairman of the Osceola Charter Review Commission for two consecutive terms 2008-2016; former chair of the Osceola Land Conservation Advisory Board; past chair of the Board of Directors for the Osceola County Library Systems; past President and Vice President of the Caribbean and Floridian Association; past chair of the Osceola County School District's Affirmative Action Advisory Board; former Conflict Resolution Officer/Mediator; 9th Judicial Circuit, Osceola County; former member, Board of Directors, American Cancer Society; Habitat for Humanity, and is a member of the NAACP.

Dr. Shaw is resolute that active involvement in the democratic process through public service is critical to securing any gains made through the development of education as a universally accessible right and privilege. He has paralleled his community engagement with representation in various government entities. He currently serves as State Committeeman, Vice-Chair, DNC member, Secretary, Florida Democratic Party, FDP Resolutions Committee Chair; member, FDP Rule Committee, Member, Budget and Finance Committee; Osceola County Housing and Finance Authority Advisory Board, the Regional Board of MetroPlan Citizens Transportation Advisory Board, and is a member of the Osceola Education Foundation.

In addition to his career milestones at the senior management level in training and development, marketing and sales, and education administration, Dr. Shaw also holds degrees in Elementary Education and Business Administration with a concentration in Supervision and Management, an Advanced Certificate in Health Care Administration, and graduate degrees in Curriculum and Instruction with a minor in Reading Intervention from Concordia University. He earned his doctoral degree in Health Care Administration from the Virginia University of Lynchburg.

Dr. Shaw resides with his family in Osceola County, Florida, and continues his influence on community affairs through his education-based consulting, philanthropic pursuits, and public and civil service contributions.