Every day, over 16 million students in America leave school and go home to an empty house. Those who are most vulnerable are often at risk of delinquent behavior and lack the encouragement, social shaping, and life skills that are essential to becoming a healthy and productive adult.
The Prodigy Cultural Arts Program is a research proven prevention program that provides a safe arena where students age 6-19 learn effective communication, problem solving and conflict resolution skills through visual and performing arts.
The purpose of the Prodigy program is to provide the instruction, tools and resources that will lead to transformed lives. Students are encouraged to explore themes and ideas that develop a sense of self-worth, as well as appreciate the worth and value of others and the world in which they live. When students have a better understanding of who they are and how they connect with their communities, they are better prepared to become productive and socially responsible adults.

Research Facts

  • Cultural Entertainment: Youth enjoy the Prodigy classes. This enjoyment in the program helps facilitate successful program completion.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Prodigy youth show improved academic self-efficacy. This is a predictor of increased academic performance.
  • Research Proven: Prodigy participants experienced a significant decrease in anger, depression/anxiety, and sleep disturbances for both boys and girls.
  • Character Education: Prodigy participants significantly improved the ability to control their behavior after completing the program.


Prodigy uses art as a way for students to reach within themselves to understand and express their inner thoughts, feelings and values; art becomes a means of self-exploration. By using social purpose art projects, where youth create art that ultimately connects them to their real life experiences, the Prodigy program promotes the development of a better understanding of youth and their community.
Program participants are encouraged to attend two 90-minute classes per week to ensure new skills are gained and to establish mentoring relationships with the art instructors. All Prodigy art instructors are professional artists, and each is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of their students.

Cultural Arts

Prodigy art classes encourage creative thinking through visual and performing art forms. Classes may include:
  • Drawing/painting, media or technical arts, photography and sculpture
  • Traditional, contemporary, hip hop and urban dance
  • Instrumental or vocal performance, composition and production
  • Acting, creative writing, staging and costuming


Prodigy takes the unique approach of infusing art into an asset-based youth development model. Through this process, youth are able to:
  • Develop life skills and social competencies, including problem solving, communication and anger management.
  • Enhance empathy for others, as well as a connection and concern for the community.
  • Build interpersonal skills using the creation
  • of art as a form of self-expression.
  • Recognize and value their own unique talents and abilities.