Staff A - D

Mollie Akes
Osceola Construction Pipeline
Program Manager
Aggie Aponte
Take Stock in Children Program Assistant
Kerry Avery
Executive Director
Rhonda Baur
Medical Pipeline Program Manager
Pattie Burdick
Director of Development & Charter Schools
Heather DeCarlo
 A Gift For Teaching Store Manager
Jamie Domres
Bookmark Buddies Administrator, Take
Stock in Children Mentor Coordinator

Staff E - L

Kathy Ejnioui
Director of Programs
Fred Hawkins, Jr.
Cindi Junkins
Director of Mentoring Programs and
Website Management
Janice Kelly
Bookmark Buddies Coordinator

Staff M - Z

Sharon Mills
Director of Scholarships and College
Heather Osbourne
Bookmark Buddies Coordinator
Chris Santiago
A Gift For Teaching Program Coodinator
Susan Schroder
Passport Program Manager
Magda Suriel
Director of Finance
Jessica VanSickle
Take Stock in Children Student Advocate