Bookmark Buddies


Bookmark Buddies

A mentor reading program that helps third grade students improve their reading skills and score at Level 2 or higher on the Florida Standards Assessment Test (FSA). The program recruits volunteer mentors each year that help to improve the reading skills of low performing students.  Mentors meet at the school for thirty minutes a week, one-on-one, throughout the school year. No prior tutoring experience is necessary and all the tutoring materials are provided, making for an easy and fun volunteer experience!  The Bookmark Buddies mentor builds a strong friendship and takes great satisfaction in their student’s success as they begin to gain confidence and improve their reading and writing skills.


Just the FACTS:

  • The typical middle-class child enters first grade with about 1,500 hours of picture book reading time, while a low-income child averages just 25 hours
  • 43% of people with the lowest literacy skills live in poverty and 17% receive food stamps.
  • 70% of people with the lowest literacy skills have no full or part time job.
  • Workers who lack a high school diploma earn an average monthly income of $452 compared to $1,829 for those with a college degree.
  • 75% of school dropouts report reading problems, and at least half of adolescents and young adults with criminal records have reading difficulties.

Studies show that children who are not fluent readers by fourth grade are likely to continue struggling with reading into adulthood.  It is essential that we make early identification and intervention of reading problems to ensure our children’s success in both school and society.



 Register as a Volunteer with the Oasis Department

Take the time today, to make a lifelong difference for our tomorrow.  To become part of the Bookmark Buddies, contact Jamie Domres at, or call the Education Foundation at 407-870-4855.
  Bookmark Buddies has received Grant funding from the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund